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Starblast is a fun, fast paced online multiplayer arcade space shooter. Take control of your spaceship, mine asteroids, increase your stats, upgrade to different types of spaceships with improved stats and weapons. Fight against other players and rob their gems. Starblast offers 31 unique ship models, thousands maps, 10 weapon classes and special powers. You can play 4 game modes: survival, teams, deathmatch and a last awesome new gamemode to be unveiled on official release day. A custom game creator allows creating private sandboxes or public special events, with a wide range of customization settings. The Pro Deathmatch Championship is a permanently running Starblast e-sport competition with leaderboards.

Game modes

  • Survival mode: Mine, upgrade your ship, steal gems, fight and be the last survivor. 
  • Team mode: 3 teams, each team has a base space station. Mine crystals and bring them back to the base station to upgrade it. Rob crystals from enemy teams by attacking their base station or attacking their mining missions. Destroy enemies and their space stations to win. You can play different roles for your team: defend your station, go mining, escort large but slow mining ships, attack other team's missions or assault their stations.
  • Deathmatch: pick one of two ships for the round, kill your targets, be the first to earn 12 points to win the round ; you will be ranked in the Pro Deathmatch Championship
  • An awesome new mode will be unveiled on release day

Ship tree
The Starblast ship tree features 7 tiers and 31 unique spaceships with different laser patterns and abilities.

Secondary weapons
You can acquire and use different types of secondary weapons and powers allowing to build different offensive and defensive strategies.

Ship Customization
You have access to a range of custom materials for your spaceship (Titanium, Carbon, Alloy, Gold), different laser styles (Doubled, Lightning, Digital), custom ingame badge (Pirate, Invader, Reddit, Youtuber, Paw, Star). More materials, lasers, badges will come.

Custom games
Starblast allows you to create custom games with specific options: change the size of the map, the asteroids patterns, crystal value, asteroid strength, ships speed, starting ship, number of teams, size of the space stations etc. More customization options to come!
You can share your custom game and thus use this system to create private parties or public events.

More details
We use procedural generation to create different star systems and asteroids fields. You will almost never play twice in the same arena, with the same asteroids configuration.

See you soon ingame, Commander!


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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Starblast.dmg 51 MB
starblast-latest-x86_64.AppImage 69 MB


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You should make this game similar to Subspace Continuum and make it moddable, it would be the successor to Subspace Continuum and the entire population for that game would move to this one.


AppImage doesn't work with error:
The default value of app.allowRendererProcessReuse is deprecated, it is currently "false".  It will change to be "true" in Electron 9.

Adding option "--in-process-gpu" will get it to start, but then it never connects to the internet. My internet is working fine.

Great game, but Electron is absolute _garbage_

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chmod +x starblast-latest-x86_64.AppImage
sudo ./starblast-latest-x86_64.AppImage  --no-sandbox


ECP code in posted email guys?

Deleted post

Thanks. Well, I couldn't buy it. Or like the money didn't go. What to do? No notifications have occurred. What is this about? The incentive is the same bullshit. Although there is information there. That because of the situation it is simply not possible to pay

Kupiłem grę przed zalogowaniem podając e-mail , na który miała zostać dostarczona gra do teraz go nie otrzymałem pomoże mi ktoś?


I've bought the game, where do I find my ECP code? I can't access the actual game without it and I didn't receive any code in my email.

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Hi, you should have received a purchase confirmation e-mail with a link to "claim your key". From our itch.io dashboard, we can see that you downloaded the game but did not "claim key". Please look for the correct link and instructions in the e-mails you received from itch.io or maybe on your itch account pages and don't hesitate to get back to us if you can't find your way!

Edit: You can find the complete instructions here: https://itch.io/docs/buying/already-bought

Check what email you put while buying the game, or check your spam folder. If that does not work, reinstall the game.

Hello i can i retrieve my ecp? If so pls contact me  with nkimrepter@gmail.com

the game was very good until 3 weeks ago. now, at each 3 minutes of playing the game stops due to 'lost connection', in EVERY MATCH. adblock on or off, it makes no difference, its a shame

Hi, I may not have paid for this through itch, but I do have an ECP. I occasionally play the downloaded version of Starblast, but for some reason, I maintain a lot of lag that I don't see in other downloadable online games. Is there a way to fix this?


this is just a free io games tho


give me the elite commander pass please.

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You got it when you played for the first time.

Go in "About" in bottom left corner and you can see it.

Can you please give me the elite commander pass please

You got it when you played for the first time.

Go in "About" in bottom left corner and you can see it.

But isn't this the same that the online browser game https://starblast.io/# ?

I liked that game a lot, and it is the same. Why this is a commercial game and not the browser one?


That's because you get an "Elite Commander Pass" if you buy this version. It allows you to skip ads, customize your ship, create games, etc.

the only diffrence is that you get the Elite Commander Pass key aka ECPk for free. also you won`t have to purchase the ECP/ECPk again bequase you can reuse it.

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I was disappointed that this game contains a DRM in the form of an activation key. This DRM is not mentioned in the description and I certainly would not have acquired this game if I had known.

I wish to cancel my purchase and be refunded.


Hi, we can refund your purchase, no problem. However I checked on our publisher Dashboard and there is no way for us to initiate a refund process from there. According to https://itch.io/docs/legal/terms#refunds, you need to contact itch.io support and request your refund there: https://itch.io/support ; in case they would ask for our publisher consent, you can already direct them to this comment reply which is our official consent to your refund.


ski anahtari vermiyor


quiero un cinturon





How do I donate to starblast


How do i download the Starblast.io standalone


how do i get the youtube tag


nasıl youtube tagı alırım


Where can I donate?

ecp en varmı


best io


This is one of the best and advanced io games out there. I highly recommend buying it.


Where can I buy it?

idk = i don't know ozan3283




um just go to iogames.space

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You can play for free directly on http://starblast.io

If you buy you get the following : all ads removed, custom ship skin, custom badges, ability to create sandbox games with your own settings, for which you can invite more players, being ranked in the global Pro Deathmatch Championship. Also you will receive the standalone game when it will be published here and on Steam.


Actually I'm exited to buy ECP pass via steam wallet. Because I can't buy with paypal.

Well, thanks for awesome developers who put this idea of adding starblast in steam.

I hate me avatar it looks stupid is there any way I can change it?


Can you please help? I bought the ECP (Elite Commander Pass) and I see that I have Carbon, Gold, Titanium, and two others and that's all good, but other people  have more badges than me and I want those badges such as the people LoveShip and Mattamore so can you help me get those they're so much cooler than mine

Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


They are special epc's. They are given to people who have contributed toward starblast


Where can i buy it ? [EPC]

ecp varsa versenize

salut,je parle francais,si tu veut une ECP comme X-27,PMGL,2-DOUBLE K...c'est pas une ECP mais une UCP.je ne sais pas comment on fait mais regarde des video de youtube ,mais si tu veut plus de ton ECP ,peut tu me la donner sil-te-plait carj'en reve d'en avoir une ,mais si tu veut pas je comprend totalement,si tu veut bien me la donner ,tu pourras me donne la cle,voila ,a plus😉

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Pour être plus précis, les UCPs sont donnés par Neuronality en personne aux gens qui ont contribué au développement du jeu (comme X-27 par exemple) pour éviter les impostures.

Et ça se fait pas de quémander un ECP, et tu devrais le savoir puisque tu est renseigné. Si t'en veut un, achète le jeu ou l'ECP lui même.

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app too